As we near the end of October, we’re putting some new stuff into the shop and (unbelievably) planning for Christmas.

New products

Hitting the store this weekend are our new Dualist and Power products – yummy volts for your modules to chow down on!

We’re loading the shop items right now but the web pages and build instructions are already in place – click the images below to view!

_MG_7644_thumb _MG_7672_thumb

Christmas stock

We’re taking on stock for Christmas at the moment, primarily our popular StringTheory and ThruBox products. We’d strongly encourage customers to get any orders for gifts to us by the end of the first week of December. We’ll be closing the shop for the holidays (and Dave’s 50th birthday) shortly after that so make sure you don’t miss out!

On the bench

We’ve received the first prototypes for our TimePiece master CV and MIDI clock module. Although there are definitely things that need to be changed, the challenging 3-PCB mechanical design is actually looking pretty good and most of the software development is complete.

There’s a pretty decent chance that this one might hit the store in time for Christmas, too, albeit in limited numbers to start off with!


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