blueHello! I’m Dave (sometimes known as “Morocco” Dave) and I make synths, not war.

This project began in 2016 when I discovered that I needed a MIDI Thru box and decided to build one myself. From there, I moved on to making my own 5U synth modules, a hardwood modular case, handmade modular panels and a bunch of other MIDI gadgets.

I’ve been solidly bitten by the DIY electronics bug, and my blog  site has proved to be reasonably popular with other DIY-ers. So much so, that after about the hundredth request for PCBs I decided that it was, finally, time to make some.

This site and the projects that it offers are driven by what’s popular in the blog, requests that I’ve received from readers and ideas of my own. Along the way I hope to pass on a few tips that I’ve learned during the past couple of years.

I hope that you find something useful to inspire you here, and that you enjoy making and using your DIY modules and gadgets.




Morocco Dave performing in the abandoned CET Print Hall, Feb 2018

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