IMG_7233_thumbSimpler and cheaper than an OEM solution, less annoyingly flappy than a flying bus cable, MiniBus provides up to 10 Eurorack modules with power, CV and gate. Designed to be almost trivial to build, MiniBus’s modular design means that you can flood the inside of your Eurorack case with robust, reliable power at a very low cost.

Four-pin edge connectors allow adjacent boards to be connected without sacrificing a Eurorack socket. The PCB itself is square, so it will “tile” in all directions. However, the PCB is still small enough to fit within a single-row case.

To use, simply connect your existing power supply to one of the 16-pin, keyed connectors to instantly have +12V, -12V, +5V and ground rails available at the other 9 sockets and the four edge pin headers. The pin headers can also be used to power other equipment without giving up a Eurorack power socket (for example, you could power one of our embedded MIDI ThruBox boards directly from the +12V rail).

Specifically targeted at entry-level DIY-ers, this project boasts

  • Low part count
  • Clear, simple instructions
  • Complete parts kits, with all parts clearly identified
  • Low tool requirements


Build options & instructions

The MiniBus build instructions provide a clear guide to making this project.


The full parts list can be found in the build instructions. All of the parts used in this project are easily and widely obtained from any electronics supplier.

Our parts kits contain all of the electronic parts that you’ll need to do the job; the only things that we don’t supply are:

  • Tools
  • Solder
  • Connecting cables


Item Price

PCB only


Full kit

A PCB and all of the additional parts you need to build this project.


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