_MG_7515_thumbYou know that feeling of abject terror when you’ve changed something in your modular’s power supply system and it’s time to hook up your precious modules to it?

Well, all that worry and fear can be a thing of the past with our dummy power supply module!

Designed to do nothing more than draw current and turn it into heat, this tidy little utility module allows you to happily blow stuff up at a mere fraction of the cost of even the cheapest of “proper” modules!

Ideal for DIY-ers who are building their own power supply or distribution, this handy little module allows you to simulate a load on your PSU or check the wiring in your distribution chain without sacrificing any of your precious noise-makers!

Originally designed for in-house use in developing our own power units, we thought this was such a handy little gadget that it was worth making it available to everyone.

CAUTION: this beast gets HOT!

The module is 6HP wide by just 50mm tall – allowing you room to keep an eye on what’s going on inside your case while you’re testing.

Includes an M3/8mm screw for racking.


Width 6HP
Depth 35mm inc. power cable and MIDI headers
+12V Approx 49mA
-12V Approx 49mA
+5V Approx 45mA
Inputs None
Outputs None
Controls N/A
Other Jumpers allow the -12v, +12v and +5v loads to be independently switched on or off.

LED indicator for each power rail.

Build instructions

We’ve not made a set of build instructions for this module as it’s so damn simple; also, if you can’t build this from the PCB and the BOM alone then you’ve no right messing about with electricity!

The PCB has all of the relevant parts values printed on it, and there are only a handful of parts (and most of them are resistors, unsurprisingly).


The full parts list can be found below. All of the parts used in this project are easily and widely obtained from any electronics supplier.

Our parts kits contain all of the electronic parts that you’ll need to do the job; the only things that we don’t supply are:

  • Tools
  • Solder

All parts are cheap and easily obtainable (or, you can just buy our kit instead!)


Value Description Qty Notes
2 x 8 pin, male IDC boxed header 1 Alternatively can be 2 x 8 unshrouded
2-pin, male IDC header 3 Optional, can be wire-jumped instead
2-pin, female Jumper 3 Optional, not required if jumper positions are wire-jumped
5mm, pick a colour LED 3 Optional
10K Resistor, metal film, 0.25W, 1% 2
1K Resistor, metal film, 0.25W, 1% 8
220R Resistor, metal film, 0.25W, 1% 2
4K7 Resistor, metal film, 0.25W, 1% 1


Item Price

PCB only

Includes an M3/8mm screw for mounting  into your rack.


Full kit

A PCB and all of the additional parts you need to build this project. Includes an M3/8mm screw for mounting  into your rack.


Fully assembled & tested

A fully-assembled DummyLoad module, ready to use. Includes an M3/8mm screw for mounting  into your rack. Please note that lead times will vary – contact us or see the shop for more details.


Prices include packing & standard (untracked) shipping. All prices are given in GBP, your local price after currency conversion may vary.

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