_MG_7396_thumbAs part of our range planning, we had to decide on a MIDI connection format for our modules; we chose 3.5mm stereo jacks as the standard that we’d use, simply because it takes up a lot less room on the module, and there seems to be a move in that direction on lots of bits of kit at the moment.

We also made an early decision that we’d put a 2-pin header on the back of every MIDI-enabled module that we make (and there are going to be lots), so that you can bury all that pesky MIDI connectivity away inside your modular case if you want to.

All this is great – however, we’re also really aware that 5-pin DIN is still the king for most gear. So, we’re offering some options for how to tackle that. MidiIn is our simplest (and we think most elegant) solution if you just want to add a single one of our modules to your rack.

Specifically targeted at entry-level DIY-ers, this project boasts

  • An absurdly low part count
  • Clear, simple instructions
  • Complete parts kits, with all parts clearly identified
  • Low tool requirements

So what does it do?

Simple: it takes 5-pin DIN in at the front of the panel, and sends the MIDI signal out at the back via a 2-pin header. You can use to send MIDI to, say, a single StringTheory synth module, or to an embedded ThruBox for loads more MIDI connections. It’s basically an adaptor, but we think it’s quite a pretty one.

I’m a modular gear-head; where are my facts and figures?

Here you go:

  • Width: 4HP
  • Current draw @ -12V: zero, nada, nothing
  • Current draw @ +12V: zip, zilch, nowt
  • Current draw @ +5V: absolutely nothing



Build options & instructions

The MidiIn build instructions provide a clear guide to making this project.


The full parts list can be found in the build instructions. All of the parts used in this project are easily and widely obtained from any electronics supplier.

Our parts kits contain all of the electronic parts that you’ll need to do the job; the only things that we don’t supply are:

  • Tools
  • Solder


Item Price

PCB & panel


Full kit

A PCB and all of the additional parts you need to build this project.


Prices include packing & standard (untracked) shipping. All prices are given in GBP, your local price after currency conversion may vary.

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