NiceBottom Build Instructions

Congratulations! You’re a few simple steps away from owning a great little music-tech gadget that will serve you for years and that you’ll have the satisfaction of having built yourself.

Building this project takes about five minutes.

Before you start… we highly recommend that you

  • Take the time to read through this guide a couple of times
  • Check your parts against the Bill of Materials at the bottom of this page to ensure that you have everything that you need

Enjoy building your NiceBottom, we hope you make great music with it!


To complete this build you will need

  • A 3mm hex key (“Allen key”)
  • Wrench, grips or pliers (optional)

Build Instructions

Putting NiceBottom together is very simple and intuitive.

Assemble the corners


Use an M4 machine screw to secure each of the 4 brass standoffs to a corner of the base plate.

You’ll need a hex tool (or “Allen key” as they’re known) to do this. You can use a suitable wrench or pair of grips/pliers to hold the standoff while you tighten the machine screw, although you can achieve sufficient tightness by just holding the standoff with your fingers._MG_7590

You’ll end up with a base plate with a standoff securely attached in each corner.



Add your gadget

_MG_7591Place your gadget onto the assembled NiceBottom and align the corner holes with the tops of the standoffs. Insert an M4 machine screw into each hole and give it a couple of turns to get it into place. You might have to give them a bit of a wiggle to get them to locate properly.

When all of the machine screws are located, you can tighten them up with your hex tool.

That’s it, you’re done!


Bill of Materials

The full list of parts for the project is given below, all of which are included in the kit.

Dims Description Qty
M4 x 6mm Machine Screw 8
M4 x 20mm Female hex standoff 4
NiceBottom base plate 1