“Rack space is expensive”

I was reading posts in a Facebook group dedicated to Eurorack synths the other evening, when I came across a conversation about whether people tend to just keep every module they buy or periodically “clean house” and swap things out. The argument for only keeping what you really like and need was that “rack space is expensive”, so you tend to cycle stuff through your rack and stick with the faves.

Which led me to the thought… hell yes, rack space is expensive (even when you DIY it).

A more important question might be: why, and does it have to be?

Take our test rack as an example: it’s about as simple as it can be, a pair branded 84HP rails and desktop ears, a DIY power supply and a DIY bus-board. It’s incredibly untidy and (to be honest) a pain in the arse to work with – and even that’s coming out at over £100, probably approaching £1.50 per HP.

So, a new mission for MakeSynthsNotWar – we’re gonna try our damnedest to make an 84HP, open-back, desktop rack, with an integrated and a properly-tied-down power supply and an expandable bus, all for £1 per HP.

Why? Because rack space is expensive and we’re idiots and we love a challenge, that’s why.

Oh, and how about this for an idea – we’re going to design it so that you can take it to bits and mount it into a “proper” case when you’re ready, with minimum fuss. Or you can just buy the bits and kit a case out with them. DIY FTW!